Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Tomato Transplant Varieties

Tomato transplants for 2016 season! Here are the varieties I'm expecting will be ready around mid-April. Quantities are limited, so reserve yours early. Transplants in 2.5" pots will be $5 each. Heirloom or open-pollinated varieties grown using non-certified organic practices.

NameDays to harvestHabitColorSeasonTypeDescription, Catalog*
(descriptions copied from
Tomato, Arkansas Marvel100IndeterminateBi-color (red/orange)LateHeirloomAn Arkansas Heirloom tomato. Our organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous, big tomato plants that yield moderate to heavy crops of 4-inch, 1 lb., meaty, yellow-orange beefsteak tomatoes with red marbling with a gush of wonderful sweet, well-balanced tomato flavors that hold a distinct hint of mild, peach flavors. A good salad tomato or sliced thick in sandwiches.
Tomato, Arkansas Traveler85IndeterminatePinkLateHeirloomA 100 year old heirloom tomato that was grown throughout the South from northwest Arkansas to North Carolina. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf, 6', vigorous tomato plants that yield abundant crops of 8-ounce, round rose-pink tomatoes. Considered to be one of the best tasting tomato varieties with well balanced sweet/tart flavors. Arkansas Traveler is much esteemed for its ability to produce flavorful tomatoes under normally adverse conditions high heat, humidity or drought. Resistant to cracking and disease.
Tomato, Black Cherry64IndeterminateBlackEarlyOpen-pollinatedThe only truly black cherry tomato. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce large, sprawling, indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous tomato plants that yield abundant crops in huge clusters of 1", round, deep purple, mahogany-brown cherry tomatoes. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth, characteristic of the best flavorful black tomatoes. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Unique tomato variety. Disease resistant. Once you try want MORE.
Tomato, Black Krim75DeterminatePurple-blackMidHeirloom(aka Black Crimson) Krim is Russian and Ukrainian for Crimea, which is a peninsula in the Ukraine. The heirloom tomato tomato Black Krim is named for it. This rare, and outstanding tomato yields 3-4" slightly flattened dark-red (mahogany-colored) slightly maroon, beefsteak tomatoes with deep green shoulders. Green gel around seeds. Fantastic, intense, slightly salty taste (which is great for those not wanting to add salt to their tomatoes). Black Krim is one of my best black tomatoes. Also suitable for container/patio garden. Perfect choice for slicing, salads and cooking.
Tomato, Black Sea Man75DeterminatePurple-blackMidHeirloomContainer Recommended. A Russian Heirloom tomato. Tomatofest certified organic tomato seeds produce small determinant, potato-leaf plants that yield an abundant set of 12-16 ounce beautiful tomatoes that are rich mahogany colored with olive green shoulders when mature. Inside of tomato is deep, reddish green and loaded with excellent, full-bodied, complex, intense, creamy tomato flavors. This is an outstanding tomato for sandwiches and salads. Black Sea Man heirloom tomato does well growing in mid-sized containers. A great early black tomato.
Tomato, Broad Ripple Yellow Currant78IndeterminateYellow/orange currant 1/2"MidOpen-pollinatedTomato variety was apparently found growing from the crack in a sidewalk in Indianapolis, Indiana in the mid 1900's by John Hartman. TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce big, indeterminate , regular leaf, tomato plants that yield hundreds of of the cutest, very small, 1/2-inch small, almost translucent yellow cherry tomatoes borne in trusses of 6-8 tomatoes. These are very low-acid tomatoes that are deliciously sweet and perfect for popping in your mouth as you walk through the garden. A great container tomato for growing on your patio or rooftop garden. A good tomato variety for cooler growing regions that produces well until frost.
Tomato, Cherokee Purple80IndeterminatePurple-blackLateHeirloomHeirloom from Tennessee cultivated by Native American Cherokee tribe. Very productive plants producing loads of dusky rose to purple colored, 12 oz.-1 lb., beefsteak tomatoes with deep red colors to the interior flesh and dark shoulders. A very popular market variety because of it's rich, complex and sweet flavors. One of the best tasting heirloom tomatoes.
Tomato, Gold Currant76IndeterminateYellow/orange currant 1/2"MidOpen-pollinated1/2-inch, golden cherries with sweet & tangy flavor. Good acid balance. Great for dressing up a salad or any dish or just snackin'. Some folks report plants of 12' producing crops of incredibly 2' long fruit clusters containing as much as 40 tomatoes.
Tomato, Japanese Black Trifele81IndeterminatePurple-blackMidHeirloomRussian origin. In Russia the Trifele varieties of tomatoes (of which there are several colors) are highly prized and command big prices. This short potato leaf plant yields prolific quantities of 6 oz. fruit that looks like a beautiful mahogany-colored Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders. Very tasty flesh with a meaty core that produces luscious fruit all summer long. A work of art sliced out on a plate and a wonderful flavor that possesses extraordinary rich and complex flavors. The Black Trifele is one of the blackest varieties available and is resistant to cracking.
Tomato, Middle Tennessee Low Acid90IndeterminatePinkLateTall, indeterminate, regular leaf plant that produces abundant yields of 1-2 lb. pink, beefsteak tomatoes with excellent mildly sweet flavors. Recommended for folks who can't eat tomatoes with any pronounced acid.
Tomato, Principe Borghese78DeterminateRedMidHeirloomItalian heirloom tomato. Our organic tomato seeds produce short determinate plants that prolifically yield big clusters of 1-2 oz. red, plum shaped, crack-resistant paste tomatoes that are a great substitute for Roma tomatoes. Tomatoes are prized for drying because they retain more flavor than most other drying varieties. Italians are known for hanging the whole plant, loaded with fruit, up to dry .A great sauce tomato or eating fresh in salads or canning. Also prized for reconstituting in olive oil or crushing dried fruit into flakes to add to a sauce for quick thickening. These short plants will benefit from having support due to weight of the huge amounts of fruit.
Tomato, Rasp Large Red90IndeterminateRedLateHeirloomDeveloped by T. Rasp of Cheektowaga, NY. Tall, indeterminate, regular leaf, spindly plant produces round to heart-shaped, smooth fruit of 12-16 oz. Excellent, full tomatoey flavor and texture.
Tomato, Red Currant70IndeterminateRed currant 1/2"MidOpen-pollinatedSouth American species of tomato. (Note: A different plant species, Lycospericon pimpinfolium, than garden tomatoes. Currant tomatoes can easily cross with with other tomato varieties. Don't plant near other varieties you are going to save them for seed). Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce huge, vigorous branches that yields thousands of 1/4" -3/8-inch, fruity sweet (but slightly tart), red currant tomatoes. These are wonderful for snacking on fresh and adding to a tomato salad or adding to culinary dishes as decoration or delicious flavoring. Rare tomato seeds.
Tomato, Rutgers Improved78DeterminateRedMidHeirloomRutgers was developed by the Campbell Soup Company in 1928 from a cross of Marglobe and J.T.D. The variety was later refined by Rutgers University in 1943. Rutgers Improved is a Rutgers-type tomato with additional disease resistance.Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce short, bushy, compact, determinate tomato plants that yield 7 oz., dark-red tomatoes with thick walls that are loaded with delicious flavors. Excellent canning tomato. Disease Resistant.
Tomato, Spears Tennessee Green80IndeterminateGreenMidHeirloomA wonderful heirloom grown by the Spear family of Tennessee since the 1950's. The seeds were passed to Jeremiah Gettle of Missouri, owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, who released the seeds to the public. Our certified organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield an abundance of 8-10 oz., slightly flattened, round, emerald green and amber-colored, tomatoes that excels in it's taste with sweet, well-balanced flavors with a tinge of spice and citrus. Lots of that old-fashioned tomato flavor. A rare and historic tomato variety.
Tomato, Sweet Pea62IndeterminateRed currant 1/4"EarlyOpen-pollinatedThe smallest tomato I've seen. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce large, wispy, regular-leaf, indeterminate tomato plants that yield thousands of 1/4-inch, deep red, currant tomatoes that have an excellent, rich, and complex sweet flavor. That's a lot of goodness for such a tiny fruit! Tomatoes resemble ruby jewels. Perfect tomato for decorating culinary dishes, snacking or mixing into a tomato salad. A wonderful novelty tomato.

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