Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Summer Schedule is Heating Up!

Early Annie is living up to her name!
Summer's to-do list is neverending but yesterday I crossed off a big item:  bushhogging the future pasture.  The wet spring (more winter than spring!) has made the weeds/grass/whatever more lush than usual at this time of year, but, I suspect, the weekly rains will end soon and July and August will be wickedly hot and dry.

This will be a windbreak, in a few years!
The wet spring has also been good for the trees I put out.  I planted a v-shaped windbreak northwest of the house and, so far, all of the trees are leafing out.  I've lost several in other parts of the yard, but all but one of those were tragic lawnmower accidents.

Nootka Rose garlic
Inchelium Red garlic
I finally pulled up the garlic last week and was surprised at how much the bulbs had grown since I checked them about 6 weeks ago.  I planted Nootka Rose and Inchelium Red (both softnecks) way back in October in a 12-inch deep raised bed, mulching them over the frigid winter with cedar shavings since I had no straw.  The spring warm-up made them nice and green again until they started showing the tell-tale browning in mid-June.  I'm curing them in the garage and will let you know how that goes.  I've not tasted them yet, but, as far as bulb size goes, I like the Inchelium Red better.  Garlic is easy to grow, but you have to commit a bed for most of the year since it's, basically, a 9-month crop.  I've put peppers in that bed, which will be done with the frost, just about time to put in the garlic.  If you want to grow garlic, order it NOW for a fall ship date for a better selection.

Tomatoes, blueberries, and blackberries are almost ready; summer is here!

What about you?  What's growing in your Savory garden?


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