Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weather or Not, Tomatoes and Peppers for 2014

Early Annie lived up to her name!
Today was a lovely late winter day:  60 degrees, warm breeze, sunshine.  Tomorrow, winter storm Titan threatens to dump ice on us.  I should have been out pruning roses and blackberries, but I think it would be better to wait until after this last (I hope) cold snap.

Somehow, I forgot to order enough seedling trays and deep inserts from Greenhouse Megastore so, last weekend, I washed and sanitized the trays and inserts I used last year.

[Note to self:  wash and sanitize the trays as soon as you are through with them in the spring!]

A busy planting day!
By the time I was done, I was too tired to plant, so I finished planting all my peppers and tomatoes today.  I've previously listed my tomato varieties for the season, but have added Black Krim from Garden Harvest Supply and Black Truffle (Trifele), my only hybrid, from Burpee.

This year I've condensed my pepper varieties.  I'm trying two new sweet "bells":  Charleston Belle and Ozark Giant despite my monumental lack of success with any sort of bell pepper.
For hot peppers, I'm growing poblano, TAM Jalapeno, and tabasco, all from Baker Creek.  I've had luck with serranos and habaneros in the past and may add them, too.

It's a full (green)house!
With all this planting, my greenhouse is full!  Fortunately, the cabbage and broccoli will appreciate moving from the warm greenhouse (70 degrees) to a cooler spot (40-50 degrees) under a light on the rolling cart, which will give me more room.

It was an insanely busy day, but, to my surprise, I felt more energy at the end than when I began.  Not only is organic food good for me, it seems, so is organic gardening.  I was very blessed to be able to enjoy a warm, late winter day, and I hope that you soon will, too.  Spring is coming, I just know it.

What's growing in your Savory garden?


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