Monday, February 18, 2013

A Frugal Gardener: DIY Cardboard Seed Starting Pots

Round pegs in a square box.
Are you looking for ways to repurpose household disposables?

Several years ago, I tried using bathroom tissue rolls to start plants.  It was successful, but not ideal.  A great deal of space was wasted trying to fit round rolls in a rectangular box.

Since then, I've searched for some way to utilize the rolls.  I was at a loss until I flattened one of the roll for ease of storage.


How do you magically
create a square from a circle?
I realized if I flattened the roll at 90 degree angles, the roll would form a square.

A few snips and . . .
At each corner cut on the fold about 3/4".  Cut the center of one flap about 1/2".

Fold opposite flaps inward, the cut flap on top.  Slide the opposite flap into the cut to lock in place.

Flip over and fill with potting soil.  Fit into a cardboard box, shoe box, or plastic box/tray.

NOTE:  It's important to fill each cell to the top with soil since the cardboard wicks moisture away from the soil, much like coir pots.  Keep moist.

Plant your favorite seed, then keep in a warm place with abundant sunshine or fluorescent lighting.
Just a few folds . . .

When ready to transplant, move the plant cardboard and all.

Inexpensive, biodegradable!

What seeds have you already started for your Savory garden?


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  1. What a great idea. I will try to use these for my seeds. My hubby currently buys the jiffy pots.


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